Helping You Grow & Share Your Faith

About Us...

FairHope Direct is a family owned and operated Christian business with a vision to Help You Grow in Your Faith and Share Your Faith. How we accomplish that is by providing Christian resources that will help you know and share God’s Word (our mission).

At FairHope Direct, we believe strongly in the power and importance of God’s Word. That’s why you’ll see Scripture on virtually every product we promote. From our FairHope Notes Christian greeting cards to our Promise Puzzles, every product is aimed at honoring God and His Word.

God has blessed us with over 20 years of relationships with other Christian product providers and publishers. This in turn enables us to acquire the very best quality products that we can then pass on to our customers at the very best price.

Our goal is to provide high-quality Christian resources along with exceptional Customer Service. We ship our products from our offices in Mobile, Alabama, and from a distribution center in northwest Arkansas. Unlike other companies that outsource their customer service to sub-contractors (some in other countries), all of our Customer Service calls and letters are personally handled in-house at our offices in Mobile. We welcome your calls, your comments and your feedback…both positive and negative!

Our resources will help even the most timid person share their faith and share God’s Word, whether it’s through one of our greeting cards (every one of which contains a Bible verse) or one of our Scripture-focused gift items (such as our Promise Puzzles).

What can you expect from FairHope Direct? You can expect high-quality Christian products at a great price and exceptional Customer Service. You can also expect a strong desire on our part to help you as you grow in your faith and as you share your faith, through the knowledge and sharing of God’s Word.


As a Christian organization, we are committed to the following values:

  1. Offering excellence to God in all we do.
  2. Personal and corporate integrity.
  3. Customer satisfaction.
  4. Teamwork.
  5. Serving the Church.
  6. The stewardship of our resources.